The Chalk Cliff Trust

The Chalk Cliff Trust

Xanthe Gresham Knight ( is an international storyteller based in Seaford. With the support of SeahavenFM and The Chalk Cliff trust she is creating audio material for radio broadcast on Len Fisher's Community People and films to accompany the shows.

True and traditional tales are twinned with stories of positive environmental action happening in the localities covered by SeahavenFM, with international input.

In mythology, the Goddess is the earth in human form. For this reason, all the films have Goddess in the title.

Hedgerow Goddess 1: Plants as Sentient Beings and Wine Making:



Hedgerow Goddess 2: Rosehip Syrup, Foraging and Foxes:



Recycling Goddess 1: Treasure from Trash:



Recycling Goddess 2: Y.E.S! Young Eco Storytellers:

'The Dancing Shoes' - Folktale with May Morning Dancing, Lewes

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