How to Listen


On Your FM Radio


You can listen to Seahaven FM several in different ways.  On FM across the Eastbourne area on 95.6 FM or in the Newhaven/Lewes/Peacehaven/Seaford area on 96.3 FM.


Seahaven FM Radio Coverage

Options for Listening Online

Click on the Listen Live button at the top of this page and select which area to listen to.

The Seahaven FM App

Download our app from your devices app App Store listen to Seahaven FM wherever you go, with the full schedule and access to the website.



Internet Radios
There are lots of new radio sets that you use like the old radio sets except they use your WIFI and can pick up any radio station in the world that is streaming on the internet. So you can listen to Seahaven FM too!



Internet Enabled Car Radio

New cars that have internet radio capability, when switched on in the settings (not normally on by default) your car radio will automatcally switch from our FM broadcast to our internet stream if you drive away from our FM broadcast area or if you drive into a patch, like a low valley, where coverage is poor.

Alexa & Google Smart Speakers
Or you can listen via your smart speaker, including both Alexa and Google.

On Alexa, Alexasaying ""Alexa, Enable the Seahaven FM Skill" will set up your Alexa to play Seahaven FM directly, and you'll get extra features too. Once set up you can just say "Play Seahaven FM".


Radioplayer app

You can hear Seahaven FM on the Radioplayer app (including in car radios that support Radioplayer).

Sky TV

On Sky Q or Sky Glass via the Radioplayer App.

Radio Garden

An interesting website where you can find station on a map here is a link to Seahaven FM on Radio Garden.


Seahaven FM is also on TuneIn, although you will hear TuneIn's adverts as you connect. 

When using Alexa if you hear "Seahaven FM from TuneIn", start again and first say "Enable Seahaven FM". This will connect you directly to us without the TuneIn ads, and you will be able to benefit from the Alexa features you will hear about on-air.

TuneIn is not reguarly upated with show information.

You can listen to Seahaven FM on TuneIn here.

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