How Seahaven FM Helps the Community

Programmes that connect

Seahaven FM, the vibrant local radio station for the Sunshine Coast. We serve as the only dynamic hub that truly connects with our community. By delivering a broad range of engaging content, including news, music, and community events and resources, Seahaven FM fosters a sense of unity and connection among its listeners. The station provides a platform for local artists, businesses, and organisations to showcase their talents and initiatives, amplifying their presence within the community.

Local events and community

At Seahaven FM, we actively promote local events, fostering a sense of community spirit and encouraging participation in various activities. With a commitment to informative programming, the station keeps listeners well-informed about local news and issues, empowering them with the knowledge to actively engage in community matters. Through its inclusive and entertaining broadcasts, Seahaven FM not only entertains but also strengthens the social fabric, making a lasting and positive impact on the community we serve.

Local businesses and services

We serve as a bridge between local businesses and the communities they serve. This is a two-way relationship. Advertisers, local government, charities and event organisers can 'speak to' our listeners, creating opportunities for dialogue, and feedback from customers and service users.

Positive mental health and wellbeing

Seahaven FM also plays an important role in supporting mental health initiatives within the community. The station includes programming that addresses mental health concerns, offering resources, expert insights, and personal stories. We collaborate with local mental health organisations, inviting professionals to share advice and guidance on air. 


The station also promotes inclusivity and mental health awareness. Our presence in listeners' lives helps to combat loneliness and foster an open dialogue to reduce stigma and encourage public understanding. The station's commitment to mental health advocacy exemplifies its dedication to the holistic well-being of its listeners, making Seahaven FM an invaluable asset in nurturing a healthier and more resilient local community.

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