Dan Middleton

Dan Middleton

Dan loves the media industry and has a real enthusiasm for broadcasting and presenting.

His passion for Media started after a teacher encouraged him to take an i-Media GCSE. From this he was able to get a good overview of the different areas of the industry and quickly found himself wanting to know more.
His interest evolved into him picking a media production course in college which led to him working at Seahaven FM through a work placement assisting fellow presenters with their programmes, weather reports and local information.

Dan currently hosts Sunday mornings between 3 and 4 am. So, if you find yourself up, for work, or as part of an all-nighter, tune in for a fun packed hour including the game 'Who Said That'. This is a quote guessing game where you do what it says on the tin and guess who said that!

You can contact Dan by email at

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