Barry Winbolt

Barry Winbolt

Barry grew up in West Sussex and moved to East Sussex in 1998. Following his first career as an entrepreneur he retrained in psychology, solution-focused therapy, and conflict resolution.

This led to a new, 30-year career, travelling in the UK and abroad, providing business consultancy, training, and mediation. Tired of travelling, in 2017 he scaled down his activities, to concentrate on writing, and his private therapy practice. During the pandemic, he volunteered with Frontline19, providing therapy to medical and other frontline workers.

Throughout his career he's been a traveller and writer, with books on mental wellbeing, conflict resolution, and counselling, and edited professional journals in France and the UK on business and psychology.

Barry has always had a keen interest in audio production, local radio and the community. He has now happily joined the team at Seahaven FM to redeploy his skills in the realm of radio. 

His new weekly show, Spotlight on Business, launches in November '23.

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