The Feel Good Afternoon

Brian Noon presents the Feel Good Afternoon each weekday from 2 pm to 4 pm

The Feel Good Afternoon is all about lifting your mood and getting you through the final stretch of your workday.  

Whether isn't the 8 decades of great music that keeps you going or the fun and banter, Brian is here to raise your spirits every weekday from 2. Daily features include;

The Cranium Conundrum (around 2.20)

Each day Brian gives you a brainteaser to try to work out, he'll even give you a helping hand at the halfway point if you're struggling, so don't worry if you're not a lateral thinker. 

The Feel Good 3 at 3

It's exactly what it says on the tin! Brian plays you 3 of the best feel-good songs from across the decades to get you through the afternoon dip! 

The Seahaven Happiness Project (around 3.30)

As well as being a radio presenter, Brian is also a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist at his business, The Anxiety Practice. Each day, he shines the spotlight on all things well-being and mental health and gives you a daily dose of tips to help you live a happier, calmer and more positive life. 

Brian describes his show as "A great mix of music, with local events and news and sprinkled with a few laughs along the way."



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